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IDEATION to Creation

At Creative Instore Solutions, we craft innovative solutions that build and extend a brand’s physical presence at retail and which ultimately drive incremental sales. Starting from listening to clients’ unique needs, its a four part process to achieve success; Creative Ideation, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, and Logistics/Delivery.  With over 25 years of experience, we are proud partners with some of the worlds biggest and best known consumer brands.

Our 4 Step Process 

Creative Ideation

Step One

It all starts with an idea. Creative display ideas are our core DNA.  Ideas that are strategic and solve for a client’s brief.  A brief states the problem and a desired business outcome. Our ideas solve just that…on time, on budget and with creative flair.

Engineering Design

Step Two

Once a chosen idea has been developed, it then must be engineered and prototyped. How will it be made, and with what materials? How much stock does it hold, and how heavy is that?  Customized solutions must also be engineered to a budget.  Our team of enginneers take all these factors into account and design the right creative and financial solution.


Step Three

Creative Instore Solutions has built a worldwide supply chain with specialist sources for all types of projects; Wire, metal, wood, glass, plastic and refrigeration all require specialty manufacturing processes. Sometimes projects require a combination of multiple techniques and sources. We guarantee made on time and on budget worldwide.


Step Four

With 5 offices worldwide, we have a team of professional project managers who ensure logistical excellence, delivery and client satisfaction. From Montreal to Mumbai, from Sydney to Santa Monica, we have done it everywhere.  In 2019 we successfully delivered jobs to over 65 countries.

Brand building

Everything we do builds on and extends our client’s Brand. From an eye-catching visual stimulation to an in-store physical interaction, our products form a key part of a Brand’s communication strategy and its interaction with consumers…right where and when it matters most…at the decision point of sale. We are the trusted partner to over 35 ‘blue chip’ international brands. Please have a look at some of our work.

Drive sales

Our displays ensure that impulse consumer behavior is activated and enabled through impactful and functional off-shelf display. Advertising works…and the last meter of the consumer’s shopping and buying experience is in-store, where it is the most important and influential. Test results prove time and time again that Point of Sale displays drive incremental sales and increased stock turns when compared to non-display controls.

enhance retail strategy

Each of our products are custom conceived to solve for both a Brand and its retail/distribution strategy.  Is the need best solved with a floor display, or a counter top? As ambient or refrigerated? Is it a new product, short shelf life, or a seasonal/promotional program? Off-shelf product displays create incremental shopping points critical to overall retail success.

activating the last meter of the shopping experience 


St. Pierre Bakery

What can communicate the brand’s differentiating heritage better than the famous French tower itself. Simple, iconic, impactful and functional.  Fresh, shorter shelf-life products require impactful off-shelf displays to both drive higher stock turns and provide space to hold needed extra inventory. 

Modelo Especial

This 4X size football helmet is a case display enhancer that creates real theatre and visual attraction for high  impact and differentiation at retail. Effective in interrupting habitual brand shopping behaviors and motivating customers to try something new!


Product videos

Monster Energy 5 Can Solution
HP Shop Fitout
Kinder Egg Surprise Giant Egg
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