As the leading Point of Purchase and Activation company, Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) ensure our designs consider not only the immediate brand requirements of an in store activation but also long term business objectives.  Many performance objectives of a business include things such as return on investment (ROI), brand recognition and business trends and the retail environment is no different.

In retail it is clear that globally there is an online boom and that is clearly changing the consumer in store expectation with a higher than ever wall to scale for retailers and brands to excite and engage shoppers. 

“Consumers are hungry for meaningful retail connection points” states IBM Institute for Business Value in their recent study on Connecting with the Transitioning Shopper, which I agree is becoming more evident in store. So how do brands connect and create these connection opportunities? I would argue that one way is with a considered change in their in store activation. 

A recent McKinsey&Company study on how retailers can keep up with consumers’ remarks that it is no longer enough for retail outlets to be a sellers of well-known brands, consumers need and are demanding a reason to choose one retailer over another.  Whilst the study was based on the USA market it broadly rings true for many geographies, including Australia, citing that consumers will seek out retailers that provide value in new and different ways.  Meal solutions, on the path to purchase for the busy shopper are a prime example of brand value add that also drives retail sales.

The online shopping boom is undoubtedly impacting all areas of retailing even those shoppers who make it in store, including the show-rooming phenomenon, in store price comparisons and research all readily available on the nearest mobile device. Brick and mortar retailers can’t expect to stay successful by going about business as usual.  To me, this is why brands who consider the needs of the retailer in their activation design have greater chances of capitalising on the new consumer path to purchase.

A recent joint project with Don KRC encapsulates this trend perfectly creating a first for the small good category, creating in store theatre and satisfying the needs of the time poor hungry consumer. 

Christina Vuckovic, Trade Activation Executive, Don KRC said “Creative Instore Solutions collaborated with us to design an activation with product synergy in mind, ultimately creating a one stop meal solution off location”.  Vuckovic continued “Importantly the cart allows us the flexibility to activate in line with our promotional calendar making it easy to manage through seasonal changes, providing value to our retailers and creating in store theatre.”

In this activation brand visibility and extension to generate incremental sales for the both the brand and retailer was key.  The design is an innovation including both refrigerated and ambient off location and was born from an aim to delight brand, retailer and consumer. 

Whilst the check-out may always remain prime real-estate on the retail shop floor, there are other ways to grab and hold a consumers attention and capitalising on creating occasion based retail destinations, product bundling will drive consumer foot traffic to your point of purchase display. 

Premium in store positioning like that of the Don KRC cart born from considering retailer requirements, will generate impulse purchases and further brand recognition and ROI, covering for those aforementioned key business objectives and satisfying the hungry time poor consumer.


First published in Retail World Australia 17th April 2014