Creating an outdoor brand ambassador

At Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) we are passionate about fostering strong customer connections that help build a clients’ brand in the marketplace, regardless of the location.  Whilst our core business is in-store point of purchase activations, we are not adverse to thinking outside the box (and the store) for a valued client.

When long standing customer BIC Australia Pty Ltd (BIC) came to CIS with an opportunity to create a brand feature outside their head office premises at 574 St Kilda Road Melbourne we jumped at the chance to fulfil the request. Utilising the existing external building street number signage infrastructure, whilst meeting council and building guidelines, CIS created a 3D outdoor brand ambassador using the iconic BIC logo.

“By including such features as UV stable print, extra transparent coating and stepping out the logo to ensure maximum visibility CIS maximised key design elements to work together and harness the power of our clients brand” said Deane Hubball, Group CEO, Creative Instore Solutions.

“We can not express enough our praise of CIS and the finish of our newly installed outdoor sign. Their approach and flexibility to changes required by council and the building body corporate show their dedication to the task and achieving an exceptional end result” said Sandra Kadiric Merchandising Manager, BIC.

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