At Creative Instore Solutions (CIS), designing and developing in store activation units for brands has always been all about the customer path to purchase experience. This is especially critical in the impulse driven petrol and convenience (P&C) channel in which brands can get lost in the clutter.   Now, as shoppers demand a more digital purchasing experience CIS ensure our activations are at the forefront of customer engagement by providing brands with real time feedback on in-store engagement, through Tapit. Tapit’s use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology represents the next wave of the in-store experience all whilst providing critical data and analytics back to the brand through your P&C activation.

Let’s face it consumers are increasingly time poor while in-store, yet Tapit technology enables brands/retailers to interact and engage with their customers in the fastest way possible, enabling multiple messaging which are updateable remotely and all accessed through an NFC enabled smartphone. Point of purchase activations enabled with Tapit technology have multiple ways to deliver and personalise content to the consumer based on variables such as time of day, location or weather.  Imagine the possibility of offering bespoke messages depending on if it is lunchtime, Sydney, Perth or sunny.

Whilst Tapit does not collect personal information it does deliver reporting capabilities to your online platform revealing how people are interacting with your brand, activation or P&C store.  All this is exceptionally useful information to capture how consumers are engaging with your sector in the field.  If interactions with a specific P&C in store display are high, what learnings can you apply across the field and vice versa to get best overall customer interaction across all activations?

A recent collaborative research study by the IBM Institute for Business Value and the Saiid Business School states that more than 50% of big data efforts by retail companies are focused on achieving customer centric outcomes, but why should brands focus on a single outcome?   More than just the consumer experience, brands can leverage Tapit technology on their in store displays to drive big data initiatives and enable asset tracking on large capital investments such as refrigeration displays across a chain of outlets.

As an example, leveraging the power of Tapit, Telstra suddenly transformed their owned media assets into dynamic content delivery points allowing consumers to tap their smartphones to easily enter the an exclusive competition whilst also using the NFC platform to help understand how consumers were interacting with their phone box assets. An effective way capitalising on multi-function technology to meet business objectives.

This is a great example of how big brands and P&C retailers, willing to adopt technology can harness the power of an in store activations to transform how they engage with a consumer and capture crucial impulse sales.


First published in Convenience World Australia 11th April 2014